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Witch Hazel Leaf
Pharmacological studies have suggested that witch hazel  strengthens veins  and  is anti-inflammatory. Witch  hazel  reduces  the  irritation  on  the tissue surface so suface inflammation is reduced, and the astringent creates a barrier against infection. That barrier  aids  in  the  treatment  of  wounds. The astringency can help to stop bleeding, so witch
hazel is very useful in treating hemorrhoids effectively.

Horse Chestnut Leaf
The seed of the horse chestnut tree has been used since  the  1800`s  to  treat various vein conditions. Today, horse chestnut extract is commonly used in Europe and Asia for hemorrhoids. Horse chestnut extract contains aescin, which has been shown to 
Supplements Facts
What Makes ClearMed The Most Effective Treatment For Hemorrhoids?

ClearMed ingredients are proven remedies for hemorroids that have been used for decades, and even date back to the 1800`s. The combination of ingredients that are used in ClearMed compliment each other in such a way that it  provides a totally natural and effective solution for even the most stubborn hemorrhoid condition. 

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reduce inflammation, improve vein elasticity, strengthen vein walls and improve vein tone. It is thought that aescin does this by plugging small leaks and holes in the veins and capillaries.Horse chestnut can also improve microvascular circulation, lessen the swelling and fluid retention.

Ginger Root
Ginger improves blood circulation and helps cleanse the body. Ginger helps to encourage gentle muscle contractions throughout the digestive system. Ginger's anti-inflammatory properties help in offering pain relief especially with hemorrhoid conditions. Further supporting its pain killing and swelling properties, other pain-killing benefits attributed to Ginger include treatment of migraine headaches, menstrual cramps and the cramping caused by constipation.

Blonde Psyllium
Blonde Psyllium is crucial for hemorrhoid sufferers. Blonde Psyllium helps with disorders in 
which easy bowel movements with a loose stool are desirable (patients with anal fissures,
hemorrhoids, following anal/rectal surgery, during pregnancy). Blonde Psyllium decreases 
the passage time of the bowel content through an increase in the volume of the stool.

Hesperidin is a citrus bioflavinoid  that is  particularly good for managing the symptoms of hemorrhoids as they help in strengthening the hemorrhoidal veins. An uncontrolled trial reported that  Hesperidin  produced  symptom  relief  in  93%  of  pregnant  women  with  hemorrhoids. Hesperidin has been found to be most effective in helping to relieve and eliminate the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Diosmin was first isolated in 1925 from Scrophularia nodosa, and first introduced as a therapeutic agent in 1969. Diosmin is considered to be a vascular-protecting agent used to treat chronic venous insufficiency, hemorrhoids, lymphedema, and varicose veins. As a flavonoid, diosmin also exhibits anti-inflammatory, free-radical scavenging, and antimutagenic properties. Diosmin has been used for more than 30 years with great success for hemorroid treatment in particular.
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Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 45

Amount Per Serving          % Daily Value

Witch Hazel Leaf                            
Horse Chestnut Leaf                   
Ginger Root
Blonde Psyllium

*Daily Value Not Established
Other ingredients: Gelatin, Microcrystal-line,
Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide

What Causes Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids may occur at any time in men and women  but  generally become more common with  advancing  age, during pregnancy, and
in women who have 
had children.

Causes of hemorrhoids include:

* Genetic predisposition
* Constipation and straining during bowel movements
* Prolonged sitting
* Diarrhea
* Pressure and strain due to standing for long periods
*Lifting objects that are too heavy
* Vomiting
* Pregnancy
* Coughing
* Sneezing

Effective Treatment for  Stubborn Hemorrhoids
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